Primary School Special Courses

Each day, Pike Primary students in each grade level will participate in one of the following “specials” classes: Art, Music, Computer, and/or Physical Education. These classes are not only fun, they give students new opportunities to learn outside of their traditional classroom. While in art, students practice fine motor skills while painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, etc… Mrs. Pitts also heads our Square One Art fundraiser each spring which is a favorite among parents because it showcases each student’s art. In music, Mrs. Miller practices with rhythm, songs, dance, etc… Recently, students practiced rhythm through the use of plastic cups. The computer lab with Mrs. Williams is a favorite of most students. Students learn to login with a username and password. They also practice ctrl+alt+delete, shifting, and the space bar. She does many things that utilize the mouse to encourage hand/eye coordination. P.E. with Coach Nauck and Coach Kristy is something students look forward to each time they go. From crosswalk and traffic duty each morning to exercises and games in class, students always enjoy P.E.

Programs to showcase our Specials Classes:


Kindergarten has a Thanksgiving Program in November and an End of the Year program in May.

1st Grade

Each fall, 1st grade students have a “Night At The Museum” event to showcase computer and art skills. 

2nd Grade

Each spring, 2nd grade students participate in a P.E. exercise / tumbling showcase held at Pike County Middle School.

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Upcoming Events
  1. Scholastic Book Fair

    March 4 - March 8
  2. Family Reading Night

    March 5 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  3. Pre-K Spring Picture Day

    March 12
  4. Pike Primary School Spring Picture Day

    March 14
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