Pike Primary 1st Grade Education

First grade is an important year for students. This is the year in which the skills learned in kindergarten are put to use in a way that allows student to communicate their learning through communication and creativity. Students quickly begin using the Media Center to check out books, take AR tests, and begin earning first grade dog tags. They receive a dog tag for every five points they earn through taking and passing AR tests. Usually, it takes ten books to earn five points if the student passes all the tests. Keep in mind, we encourage students to read their books more than once so they are able to comprehend what they are reading. We want them to be successful and monitor their reading to determine when they are ready to increase or decrease Lexile levels. Our goal here is to promote a love of reading, but also to foster skills necessary for students to be successful throughout their educational career. Encourage your child to read and take tests daily if they are able.

We have nine first grade teachers. These classes are not supported with a paraprofessional because students are now becoming more independent and are more familiar with our school, procedures, and processes. If you are an approved volunteer, please speak with your child’s teacher about ways you can help in the classroom. Teachers will communicate classroom information and expectations for student progress. Also, there is an opportunity for two conferences throughout the year to update you on your student. In addition, you are welcome to call your child’s teacher to schedule additional conferences if needed.

Within the classroom, students will have English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math. To enhance the English/Language Arts lessons, students will be exposed to Saxon Phonics. In addition, students also attend one of the following “specials” classes each day: Art, Music, P.E., or Computer. Periodically, students will also have a Science Lab which will compliment classroom lessons.

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